Tamara Burch is a Canadian artist, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. She specializes in highly realistic portraiture, people and animals, and has developed her own mix of adding creative elements to her figurative works in order to bring a truly unique quality to her artwork.

Tamara works in most media, although her favorites are watercolour, coloured pencil, and graphite.

She has been an internationally selling commission-based portrait artist since 2010, her artwork has been in numerous gallery exhibitions, and was the resident illustrator for Archive Magazine from 2017-2018 where she still is an occasional contributor.

For an in-depth look at her tips, techniques, and behind-the-scenes, please check out her YouTube channel here. You can also follow her blog and sign up using the form below for her weekly email newsletter so you don’t miss out on any new product reviews and tutorials!

For commission inquiries, please email: info@tamaraburchart.com

Tamara Burch - Artist
Tamara Burch – artist

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