Art Drop and Dash Gallery

Art Drop and Dash Gallery

Welcome to my collection of Art Drop and Dash pieces! This year I’ve set a personal goal for myself to create a new piece of art each week for 52 weeks with the intention of leaving them in random locations so that unsuspecting strangers can find them! My hope is that they brighten someone’s day…plus, every time I do this I get a little thrill!

I’m using this project as a way to experiment, play, and get out a whole ton of ideas that have been just floating around in my head, dying to get out. As I’ve already discovered, not every idea works out perfectly, but it’s been an amazing way to push the limits and discover new techniques that I know I never would have taken the time for had I not decided to begin this Art Drop personal challenge.

If you have any cool, new ideas for me to try, please leave them in the comments. There are about a million techniques I have yet to try and so all suggestions are loved and appreciated!

Follow me on Instagram @tamaraburchart and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Tamara Burch Art, to come along on this adventure with me! I also run contests on my Instagram account for art pieces that I’ve worked extra hard on in order to give people who have supported me in this endeavor a chance to get one, even if they don’t live near me and can’t find something I’ve dropped off. Links to both my Instagram and YouTube channel can be found at the bottom of this page 🙂

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