Branches in Ink – Art Drop and Dash | Week 3

Branches in Ink – Art Drop and Dash | Week 3

For my 3rd piece of art that I made in order to drop off in a public place for a random person to come across, I decided to do a simple ink drawing that was inspired by those double exposure photography pieces. You know the ones I’m talking about? A bear walking with evergreens coming out of his back; a person’s profile with mountains for hair…

You can watch the entire process in this tutorial video that I made:

Branches in Ink – week 3 #artdropanddash


The materials I used for this drawing couldn’t be simpler: paper, pencil and eraser, and black pens with waterproof ink.

paper, pencil and erasers, and black waterproof pens
paper, pencil and erasers, and black waterproof pens


The process of this is much easier to see on the video, so I’ll just leave it here!…

The Drop:

So I ended up leaving this piece in a spot where people often walk their dogs through the woods. It matched the theme nicely, and I knew that it would be found before it was snowed on and buried!

About to drop my art!
#artdropanddash Week 3

The best part of this one was that I was contacted a few days later by the person who had found it! This was the first time that had every happened…and what a feeling! I was glowing for the rest of the day. This really is a rewarding thing to do, and I certainly encourage anyone who would like to go on this journey to try it! Maybe you don’t want to commit to a full year of doing this each week, but maybe one per month? Or maybe you just want to try it once…I think that any time we put a little sweetness into the world, it’s worth the effort.


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