Graphite Pencils Explained & 4-Pencil Drawing Method

Graphite Pencils Explained & 4-Pencil Drawing Method

Has anyone explained to you what a graphite pencil designation means? How about the definitions of value and tone? Do you know what pencil to choose and where to begin? What about blending, are your skills up to snuff?

Before I make any more drawing video tutorials using graphite, I wanted to make a short video on explaining graphite, the designation system that’s used to distinguish them from one another, and the different forms graphite can come in such as pencils, powders, and sticks.

Check out this YouTube video if you’re just getting started with graphite!

I also wanted to explain the 4-pencil drawing method that I most often use when drawing graphite portraits and commissions. It simplifies the drawing process and will help you develop your eye to pick out the different values in your drawing.

What’s a value? It also explains that…!

Just kidding! Of course I’ll tell you now…a value is just how light or dark an area is!

graphite pencils
Some different types of graphite pencils
different types of graphite pencils and sticks
Graphite pencils and sticks

If you’re looking to get into art or hone your drawing abilities, graphite pencils are the perfect place to start. They’re so portable and clean, the set up is quick and easy, and they’re incredibly affordable. You can work on your skills wherever you go: just grab a sketchbook or some paper and then throw your pencils and eraser in a roll such as this one and you can be sketching away whenever you choose!

graphite pencils and erasers in a leather roll
Keeping your pencils in a roll such as this one makes them easy to carry around and it will protect both your pencils from breakages and your other items from getting dirty from graphite powder smudging all over them.
graphite pencils and erasers in a leather roll
These rolls are so portable – and they are multi-use since you can also carry coloured pencils or small paint brushes around in them as well!

Did you know that there is no standard for how black a specific designation of pencil should be? That’s right, different pencil manufacturers have their own designations and a 2B pencil from one manufacturer may look different from a 2 B pencil from another manufacturer! This isn’t actually a problem, which I explain in the video, but it’s still interesting to note.

I also demonstrate some tips and tricks such as the best tip shape to have on the end of your pencil, as well as how to lay graphite down in order to be able to achieve a really nice blended finish.

Graphite Pencils Explained & 4-Pencil Drawing Method Video

I hope that you’ll get a lot of useful information out of this video. After watching, you should never be confused again when people are talking about their 2H pencil or their 6B pencil again!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and if you want to get started with some pencil supplies, you can check out the following links to get started.

**The above items are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a nominal fee if you click through and make a purchase. But please note that these products are ones that I have purchased myself in the past and recommend based on both quality and price**

Try to sketch something today! 🙂

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