How to Draw Dog Noses in Graphite: 2 Examples

How to Draw Dog Noses in Graphite: 2 Examples

How to Draw Dog Noses in Graphite: 2 Examples is my very first tutorial video! In it, I explain two different ways I’ve drawn highly realistic dog noses.

I’ll share with you all the materials I use and the techniques in which I use them, so that you can improve your drawing skills and come away from this video with an easy method for looking at drawing that simplifies the process of what may seem like a complex subject to create.

Completed portraits of two beautiful dogs and two completely different noses.


I’ll go into detail on the materials and tools that I use to create my graphite drawings, and I let you know little tricks and tips that I’ve picked up along my career as an artist. I also share with you my favorite paper and why drawing on a quality piece of paper is so important – investing a little extra in a nice paper will pay off huge in the results you’re able to achieve. And paper is fairly inexpensive, even for large sized pads!

Then I split the drawing portion of the tutorial into two sections…

Drawing Tutorial

In Part 1 – Soft Focus Nose, I explain how I went about drawing that blurry, softly detailed nose of the black shepherd, and I explain why drawing every nose in exactly the same way (highly detailed, for example) just doesn’t make sense.

Drawing of black shepherd dog portrait in graphite
“Ringo” 9×12 Graphite

In Part 2 – Highly Detailed Nose, I let you know my favorite techniques I use to get all that wonderful and crinkly texture on the nose of the boxer; all it’s lumps and bumps.

Drawing of a boxer dog portrait in graphite
“Penny” 9×12 Graphite

You can do it!

Drawing dog noses can look tricky, but after you watch the method I use to go about creating these, you’ll have a great new way to see while you draw, and you’ll have picked up some surefire techniques that will help you bump your drawings of dog noses in graphite up a few notches!

This video contains a ton of information on how to achieve a highly realistic and beautiful dog nose that will suit the portrait or commission you are drawing.

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I’d love to hear what you thought of this video! Let me know your favorite tip that you learned in the comments, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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