My name is Tamara Burch: portrait artist, illustrator, art supply junkie…

My artistic focus is, and pretty well always has been, portraits. Portraits of people and animals, young and old; each subject is an incredible educational journey and my intent is to take you with me. I love nothing more than continuous learning, creating and teaching what I know to aspiring artists. 

“When it all Began” 11×14 graphite

There’s certain people in this world who just can’t NOT create. It’s something that resides in us, deep in our bones.  It’s that thing that we always wish we had more time for. It’s at the back of our minds, never forgotten, even when we haven’t put pencil to paper or paint to canvas in literally years. 

You know who you are.

And just remember: even if those years have passed you by – YOU ARE AN ARTIST.  Being an artist isn’t just something you can only say after you’ve been selling your work, taking commissions or when it’s your full source of income. 

No matter where you are on your journey, if you’ve got that spark in your belly when you think of it, then you, my dear, are definitely an artist. This is a life long journey and each of us moves through it at our own pace.  If you’ve been away from it for a while, no biggie, just get going again!  And if you’ve been dedicated for a while, let’s keep that momentum!

In these pages you’ll find a wealth of information, tips, techniques and ideas that I’ve accumulated through my decades of self-taught artistry in portraiture.  My goal is to give you what you need to make your path as smooth and streamlined as possible, hopefully cutting out years worth of mistakes.

I want you to look at your finished work and be incredibly proud of what you’ve made.

But remember, becoming a quality artist takes time, patience and, most of all, practice! This won’t happen overnight, but I’ll be right here cheering you on, answering your questions, and giving you access to everything I know. I’m so happy to have you come along with me on this artistic adventure of a lifetime!

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