Trees Burned in Wood – Art Drop and Dash | Week 2

Trees Burned in Wood – Art Drop and Dash | Week 2

This blog post is late, but during the week of January 19-25 I went and dropped off my second piece of art that I created in order to leave it somewhere random for a stranger to find. I created a piece that has trees burned in wood for my Art Drop and Dash project…this is my 2nd week of my 52 week goal!

“Trees Burned in Wood” – Art Drop and Dash | Week 2

Watch me create this piece and drop it off in a place that was so calm and quiet, it might be spring by the time someone finds it!



For this piece I used a cradled wooden panel which I picked up from Dollarama for $2. Art supplies aren’t cheap, so its so nice when you can get away with a bargain!

Then I busted out my Razortip wood burner with two pens, each with different tips: a thin tip for making straight, thin lines, and a round tip for creating dots and colouring in sections.

I also had handy some washi tape for dividing my wood panel into some semi-even sections, a pencil and eraser for drawing out my trees, and my watercolours for painting the wood.

Materials for this project all ready!


So the first thing I did was divide out my wood panel with the washi tape, so when I drew in my trees with pencil, they were in somewhat even rows once the tape had been removed.

My trees penciled in and ready for paint!

Next, I went ahead and painted on the trees. I chose a lot of blues because it’s been COLD outside. I felt like the blue colours gave it a nice, wintery vibe. I added some light greens in there too, just to break up the blues a bit.

To start with, I put down a layer of water over each tree before I added a watery mixture of paint. I did this to try and avoid any harsh lines that can happen along the edges.

Once I was happy with the colour that was painted in, I used my hair dryer to make sure the wood was dry. If it was still wet when I started to burn, the tips of my burning tools would cool down while I was using them and become problematic. Burning is already a slow and steady process, even when your tools and wood are cooperating!

Paint down…next step, burning!

Depending on the design on each tree, I alternate between using my two wood burning tips.

The two types of Razortip pens that I used for this piece.
A thin tip is great for making thin lines.
The ball tip is great for creating dots, colouring in spots, or writing words.

Time to drop the art:

When I was all done my “Trees Burned in Wood” piece, I took it to a place that ended up being MUCH more remote than I thought. We had been in a deep freeze, with temperatures reaching -45 to -50 C some nights… Brrrr, man!! This place is by walking trails and a park, but when I brought it there, my footprints were the only fresh ones in the snow! Who even knows how long it might take for someone to find this one…!

Drop spot!
Trees Burned in Wood – Art Drop and Dash
Who doesn’t like free art?

Exciting!! Another one done and delivered!!

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