Watercolour Rocket – Art Drop and Dash | Week 1

Watercolour Rocket – Art Drop and Dash | Week 1

I’m excited! I just started out a year-long goal of mine to create a small and simple piece of art every week, and leave it in a random location for an unsuspecting person to stumble upon! This is a personal project that I’ve been wanting to do for years, but with small kids at home, I just didn’t have the time…

But last week marked week 1 of 52…!


I decided to do a little watercolour painting of a rocket, and I added a message on it with a goal theme. I figured that it was fitting since this whole idea is a pretty big goal for me…plus, I still consider it the new year and everyone loves a new year goal!

I wasn’t sure where to leave it, but the whole week turned out to be absolutely frigid temperatures, with wind chills down between -45 to -50 C. So, so cold! In the end, I stuck close to home and dropped it underneath the awning of the local library; this had the double advantage of being close, but also protected from the continuously falling snow.

Leaving my painting for someone to find…

Because it was close to my house, I was able to go back the next day…watch the video to see what happened!!

In the video, I also share with you how I made the painting and all of the materials and tools that I used.


I’m obviously not the first one to ever have the idea of abandoning my art; people have been doing it forever and a day, but I sure am happy to be my own small part of the movement! I’ve done this sporadically in the past, and each time it makes me feel a little giddy…who knows where they end up?! Sending them out into the universe is exciting…will they end up on a wall?? A shelf?? The garbage?? Wherever they end up, it’s all alright with me! I’m just after the cheap thrill 😉

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Until next time!

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